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Since 2008, Project Green Fork has certified over seventy restaurants, which have recycled over 4,000,000 pounds of plastic, glass, aluminum, cardboard and paper and over 200,000 gallons of food waste.

Founder and Executive Director Margot McNeeley has a passion for good food and thus often finds herself in locally owned restaurants chatting with the chefs, owners, servers, and fellow foodies.

As inspiring as the food and conversations are, particularly when they turn to the benefits of locally grown and consumed food, McNeeley couldn’t help feeling deflated when witnessing the amount of waste produced in these otherwise environmentally supportive places.

When she learned that the average restaurant meal produces 1.5 lbs. of waste and that 95% of restaurant waste could be diverted from the landfill with proper systems in place, she set out to find a way to create a change in the local dining culture.


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